10 May 2011


Welcome to the official site of the Uganda Safe-birth Organization TUSBO.
Many mothers in uganda die from avoidable causes because they can not access timely, and quality maternal health services.

Over the last decade, the maternal mortality ration in Uganda has stagnated at 435 per 100,000 live births, one of  the highest in the world. Even this unacceptable rate is an underestimation because less than 30% of deliveries take place in health facilities and over 70% of mother delivery unsupervised by skilled birth attendants.

We at TUSBO are passionate about saving the lives of mothers at birth through:
  • reproductive health advocacy so that government increase funding for RH beyond the current levels;
  • designing and implementing community-based health initiative to increase skilled birth attendance by women in rural areas;
  • improving the quality of maternity care provided  to expectant mothers in health facility by working with providers to strengthen the obstetric and communication skills  of providers;
We urge you to join us in achieving this goal by:

  1. visit our website at for daily updates; and at
  2. if you have a wife, please make sure she attends at least 4 antenatal visits at a nearby health facility and she delivers from the health facility;
  3. recommend our page to your friends and associates.
Until next time;
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Patrick Odongo ( B.Sc Public Health; Dip. Clinical Medicine and Community Health)

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  1. most maternal death takes place in the villages.
    Therefore, more interventions must be targeted at those areas like more human resources for health, improvement of health infrastructure, better remuneration of health workers working in hard to reach areas;and the government should prioritize issues of maternal mortality and make it high in government agenda and empowering communities.