16 Jun 2011

Stop press! The maternal mortality rate in Jinja Regional Referral Hospital is 1000 per 100,000 live births

According to press reports in the month of May 201, 508 deliveries took place in Jinja Regional Referral Hospital. Out of these 8 newborns died and 5 mothers lost their lives.
The calculation
Maternal mortality rate (not ratio!) is given by
Number of deaths due to pregnancy and childbirth
up to 42 days after delivery                                                                                -----------------------------------------------------------------   x 100,000 
Total number of deliveries during that period

After the dust has settled down we have:
5 deaths/508 deliveries x100, 000= 984.25 deaths per 100,000 births for the month of May 2011 in Jinja Regional Referral Hospital
This is a regional referral hospital which should be a standard for quality for the lower level health units under its jurisdiction.
Imagine what is happening in health facilities with even worse staffing levels?

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